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Contact me: ehs@creativeskating.com
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"Choreography is my true passion & Creative Skating is an integral part to a figure skater’s success!"

One of Elizabeth's Students

One of Elizabeth's Students

One of Elizabeth's Students

Choreography & Style:
    Choreography: The arrangement of steps in the skating program.
    Style: The manner in which choreography is conveyed.

My basic goal is to reveal and develop the figure skater’s expression of the music through choreography. This is an ongoing venture between the choreographer and skater. Bringing out someone’s personal style directly affects the course of choreography. It also shapes a positive self-image and confidence. Please Click Here
to view a downloadable version of my coaching policy.

Choreography Services: See private lessons for fees.
   1.  New Program Launch:
        The figure skater needs music and choreography.
           Services : Music editing, creative consultation, and                                 choreography revisions throughout the                                 season.

   2.  Choreography Only:
        The figure skater’s music is already chosen and edited but needs         Choreography.

   3.  Style Enhancement Only
        The figure skater is looking to enhance already-existing         choreography.

My Influences:
Jayne Torvill & Christopher Dean:
Their use of narrative and thematic elements inspired me as a child to explore ice dancing.

Uschi Keszler:
Uschi was my choreographer/stylist through my teenage years. I admire her dedication to the perfection of movement.

Jean-Marc Genereux:
Jean-Marc was my ballroom dance coach who taught me to live and breathe the character of each dance. He currently appears on Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance,” as a choreographer to the contestants.

Not sure if you need a choreographer?
Please Contact Me  for an evaluation.

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