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It’s never to too late to learn how to Ice skate, and it's a fun way to stay fit. Don’t let age, weight,
or seeming lack of athletic ability deter you from learning how to ice skate.

Private skating lessons can lead you into figure skating, hockey, or ice skating for recreation.  For
instance, the adult figure skating community continues to grow. There are adults who spin, jump,
and ice dance. In the U.S. and around the world adults have the opportunity to take standardized
figure skating tests and compete.

Private ice skating lessons are appropriate for the Adult skater of ANY age, level or without
any experience. Please Click Here to view a downloadable version of my coaching policy.

Elizabeth's Student 2000 Adult Nationals in Lake Placid

I recommend private lessons to:
  Adults who always wanted to learn to figure skate.
  Adult figure skaters who want to improve specific skills.
  An adult who’s busy work schedule conflicts with the ice       rink's community classes.
  Figure skating parents who want to join in the fun of their       child’s sport.
  Adult figure skaters who want to supplement their group       class instruction.

One-on-one instruction is tailored to the individual.

Not sure about private figure skating lessons?
Please Contact Me  for an evaluation.


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