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Eizabeth's Students 1st CompetitionElizabeth with 5 yr/old Student

Private lessons are appropriate for children and adults with no skating experience and want to learn one-on-one from a coach. Private ice skating instruction is tailored to the individual!

I recommend private figure skating lessons to:
    Children & adults with no skating experience.
    Ice skaters who demonstrate talent in figure skating.
    Busy families whose activity schedule conflicts with the ice         rink's community classes.
    Enthusiastic ice skaters interested in going beyond         recreational skating.
    Ice skaters with special needs.
    Ice Skaters wanting to supplement their group class         instruction.

Some of the skills that beginner skaters learn:
    Skating Balance
    Forward & Backward Skating
    Falling & Getting Up Properly
    Turns, Edges &Crossovers
    2-foot hops

These basics progress to Figure Skating skills like:
    Pivots & Spins
    Spirals & Footwork
    Jumps (waltz, salchow, toe loop, loop , flip and lutz, etc.)
    Figure skating choreography to music

These same basics progress to Hockey skating skills like:
    Forward Stride/Power Skating
    Backward/Defensive Skating
    Hockey Drills (eg. Speed/Agility)

Not sure about private figure skating lessons?
Please Contact Me  for an evaluation.

How it works:
Private Lessons are done by appointment, and operate on a pay-as-you-go method.

You are responsible for 2 fees:
   Ice time: payable directly to the rink. Lessons occur on freestyle sessions that are reserved
       only for private figure skating instruction and for figure skaters practicing outside of lesson.
       Ice fees for freestyle figure skating sessions vary between $10-$14/45 minutes depending on the
       facility. Most rinks offer discounts if you pre-purchase multiple sessions.

   Instructor’s fee: payable directly to the instructor. My fees vary between $68-$72/hour.
       Length of lesson can vary depending on your needs and/or skating level. Please Click Here
       to view a downloadable version of my coaching policy.   

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