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Allison in a starting pose

Allison Butler a "Creativeskater", for Jan./Feb. 2010
By: Elizabeth Hollett Shackett

Allison Butler is a happy 6 year-old who loves to skate and have fun. When coaching her, I have to be fast-paced just to keep up with her enthusiasm and excitement. It has been this way since she was 4 when she started private lessons with me in tandem with group classes. In the beginning stages, I developed many creative teaching methods to satisfy her constant inquisitiveness. Playing games, skating with her favorite stuffed animal, and using a notebook for drawing skill pictures helped both of us out; not to mention it was a lot of fun.

One of Allison’s favorite skaters is American ice dancer, Kim Navarro (US National Bronze Medallists).  From time to time, she shares ice sessions with her and partner Brent Bommentre. Allison says she doesn’t know why Navarro is her favorite skater but she just likes how she’s friendly and encouraging. This skating star’s supportive gestures have been inspiring and put a smile on Allison’s face. In turn, Allison also enjoys encouraging skaters younger than she is! She has fun skating with my 3-year-old daughter, Meryl and helps her learn basic skills. Allison is a star in Meryl’s eyes.

At school, this first-grader’s favorite subjects are Gym and Science. On the ice, she cannot decide what she likes best. Allison has been dabbling with different disciplines of figure skating. Since enrolling in Ice Dance/Freeskating/Power Skating group classes at the University of Delaware, she admits to loving all of them with no clear favorite. The classes have created more friends for Allison, which equals more fun for a 6-year-old girl. Personally, I think that her favorite part of skating is simply to perform. Whether it is an ice show, competition or just skating her program to music, Allison likes to perform and the rush that goes along with it.  She really gets into it. She has even “sketched” her own costume design for a competition dress. Her parents made her “run it by me” for approval!

I have choreographed programs for Allison to Alladin’s “Friend Like Me,”  “Sandstorm,” and her
favorite music so far, Michael Jackson's "Thriller."

Allison's Upcoming Events:
           Jan. 2010:     Keystone State Games, York, PA
  Feb 2010:     US Figure Skating Pre-Preliminary Moves in Field Test
      Spring 2010:     ISI District Championships
         June 2010:     Chesapeake Open, Laurel, MD
“We are so very fortunate to have found someone like Elizabeth as a coach for Allison. She has
been such a great coach , teacher and role model for our daughter.  Elizabeth has Allison’s best
interests in mind. During all the practices, competitions, and shows she has always kept the skating
fun and enjoyable for our daughter," Norman & Dana Butler.

Allison - LungeAllison on the podiumAllison and Meryl

Competitive Season 2009-2010
Competition Location
Skate Wilmington Wilmington, DE No Test Compulsory Moves 1st
Competitive Season 2008-2009
Competition Location
Chesapeake Open Laurel, MD Pre-Preliminary Test Track 2nd
Chesapeake Open Laurel, MD No Test Compulsory Moves 2nd
Sun, Sand & Skate Atlantic City, NJ No Test Improv 4th
Sun, Sand & Skate Atlantic City, NJ Limited Beginner Freeskate 4th
Autumn Skate Wilmington, DE Freestyle 1 Compulsory Moves  1st
Autumn Skate Wilmington, DE Freestyle 1 2nd
Keystone State Games York PA Pre-Preliminary Group Showcase 1st
Competitive Season 2007-2008
Competition Location
Autumn Skate Wilmington, DE Basic 2 Freeskate 3rd
Chesapeake Open Laurel, MD Basic 6 Compulsory Moves 3rd
Chesapeake Open Laurel, MD Basic 6 Freeskate 2nd
Skate Wilmington Wilmington, DE Basic Skills:Tots Freeskate 2nd
Skate Wilmington Wilmington, DE Basic Skills:Tots Compulsory Moves 3rd


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