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Elizabeth & AnnaAnna - Layback Spin

Anna Charney a "Creativeskater", for March/April 2010
By: Elizabeth Hollett Shackett
Meet 16-year-old, Anna Charney. She is your typical high school student when it comes to a heavy course workload, friends and Facebook. The one thing that sets her apart from everyone else is figure skating. She is the only skater in her school.

Anna’s passion for figure skating started at age 9. After pestering her father about taking lessons, she started in group Learn-to-Skate. She progressed quickly which led to private lessons and from there, it never stopped.

Jumping is Anna’s favorite thing about figure skating, “It's the best, when I land and it's perfect and I know it, it's just the absolute best feeling.” Skating is her escape from her busy school life. Figure skating keeps her from exploding. “When I'm on the ice, it’s not about papers, French homework or having to finish that lab. It’s just about what I'm doing on the ice and if I'm upset or frustrated I can channel it out through skating.”

Some of Anna’s school subjects include, Chemistry, English, French, Math and History. English is her favorite class, as she loves reading and writing papers. She also enjoys the hands-on lab work in Chemistry.

If Anna’s school schedule isn’t busy enough, add in skating 4-6 days per week. One of those days includes a 2.5-hour commute, one-way, for coaching.  While some kids are sleeping in on Saturday mornings, Anna and her mother hit the PA Turnpike to make an early lesson with me. She also makes the trip to a technical lesson from 3-time Olympian, Mojca Kopac. I should mention that despite the early rise, Anna always comes to the ice with a positive attitude and ready to push herself closer to her next goal.

Looking ahead to college, Anna plans to continue skating and wants go as far as she can. She has been shopping around for possible schools with collegiate skating teams. Perhaps this would be a dream come true, as her solo after-school activity would now be a team sport.

I have choreographed many of Anna’s programs. This season’s short program is to “Bittersweet
Symphony” by the Verve, and the long program is “Bombay Dreams” by various Bollywood
Anna's Upcoming Events:
          April 2010:     Philadephia Area Championships, Harrisburg, PA
  May 2010:     US Figure Skating Junior Moves in Field Test
          June 2010:     Chesapeake Open, Laurel, MD
          July 2010:      Liberty Summer Competition, Aston, PA.
"When Elizabeth took on coaching Anna just a few years ago, she had much work to do to with a
budding teen still searching for some grace.  Anna now skates with finesse and feeling, and that is
a testament to the great inspiration Elizabeth Hollett has for all her skaters. Anna enjoys her
skating so much more; she finds the thrill in accomplishing the goals they set together. Elizabeth
takes the time to discuss with Anna what she likes to do, what she needs to work on, and what
works for her in her programs.  It has made her confidence blossom. I am so proud of how far
Anna has come in such a short time, and we can thank Elizabeth for her hand in those
accomplishments," Deb & Ed Charney.

Anna - SpiralAnna - Program Finish PoseAnna -  Practicing

Competitive Season 2009-2010
Competition Location
Keystone State Games York, PA Novice Ladies Long 4th
Keystone State Games York, PA Novice Ladies Short 4th
South Atlantic Regionals Rockville, MD Novice Qualifying 9th
Competitive Season 2008-2009
Competition Location
Colonial Stars & Stripes Bristol, PA Intermediate Ladies Short 3rd
Colonial Stars & Stripes Bristol, PA Intermediate Ladies Long 1st

Tests Passed
Novice Moves in the Field

Novice Freeskate

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