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Rebecca in a Bielmann Spin
Rebecca in an Air Position

Rebecca Henke a "Creativeskater", for Nov./Dec. 2009
By: Elizabeth Hollett Shackett
Rebecca started skating at age 4 in a Learn-to-Skate program in Pittsburgh, PA. I teach her alongside her lifelong coach and aunt, Marcia Walkney. We first met at a seminar at IceWorks in Aston, PA when she was a spunky 8-year old, full of energy and enthusiasm. This venue sparked the beginning of our longstanding relationship. Soon thereafter, Marcia would take weekend road trips across PA for me to work on Rebecca’s choreography, style and moves in the field.. Rebecca is now 15 and her family including her aunt, has relocated to Aston permitting her to train full-time. The commute is much shorter!

Rebecca has progressed quickly passing many proficiency tests in Moves in the Field, Freeskating, Pairs and Ice Dance and  has competed in both US Figure Skating and Ice Skating Institute sanctioned events. Some of her earlier skating achievements include landing an axel at age 6 and competing in the US Junior National Championships at age 9 in ice dance

Passion and love for figure skating have kept Rebecca going through good days and bad. Last season, she was plagued by a strange viral infection that caused dizziness and even blackouts at times. Whenever she felt slightly better, she would try to get back on the ice but would collapse mid-session. These failed attempts forced a complete break. Being off the ice was the toughest part.  Her mother, Cecelia, says that Rebecca has a “need to skate, and that she can’t go long without the ice.” She had recovered just enough to compete that season but not at the top of her game.

After a 3-month break and a frustrating yet strange setback, she has been rebuilding the body, mind and skills. Rebecca’s ultimate goal this season is to land consistent double axels and triple jumps. Former Olympian, Scott Gregory has been part of this endeavor using video analysis software called Dartfish for her jumps. Olympic coach, Uschi Keszler has also been working with Rebecca on jumps and skating skills. She has bolstered Rebecca’s self-esteem and confidence.

I am busy working on the new choreography for her short program to the Moody Blues’ “Nights
in White Satin.” We are still researching music for her long program that will feature music from
rock bands Incubus and Jet.

When Rebecca isn't skating, she is doing 10th grade schoolwork for her PA Cyber Charter School
or spending time her fellow skaters, texting or watching movies. She also enjoys teaching in the
Learn to Skate program and has been a counselor for the Camp Chill summer program. Rebecca’s
favorite skater is Sara Hughes because she admires her perseverance from being an underdog to
becoming champion.

Rebecca’s Upcoming Events:
          Nov. 2009:     Autumn Skate, Wilmington DE
          Dec. 2009:     Senior Moves in the Field Test
          Jan. 2010:     Keystone State Games, York, PA
April 2010:     IceWorks Skating Club Ice Show, Aston, PA
         June 2010:     Chesapeake Open, Laurel, MD
         July 2010:     Liberty Summer Competition, Aston PA
         Oct. 2010:     South Atlantic Regional's, Raleigh, NC

A Mother's Perspective:
By: Cecilia Henke
Elizabeth addresses each skater’s individual needs and assists them in creating their own styles.
Judges, coaches, spectators and other skater’s parents have been coming up to my family
and me
for years and commenting on how beautiful a skater Rebecca is.  We always tell them that the
credit goes to Elizabeth.  It’s Elizabeth who has taken an athletic little girl and turned her into
a graceful, elegant and creative skater. 

Other coaches have come and gone in Rebecca’s life, but one constant has been Elizabeth.  She
has been there through Rebecca’s ups and her downs.  She has helped Rebecca through injury,
illness and those lovely early teenage years.  She has always been honest with Rebecca and has
been supportive of her on and off the ice.

Rebecca & Her Cousin MadisonRebecca in a Spiral Position

Competitive Season 2008-2009
Competition Location
Philadelphia Areas Ardmore, PA Intermediate Short 4th
Sun Sand and Skate Atlantic City, NJ Intermediate Short 2nd
Challenge Cup Ardmore, PA Intermediate Ladies 2nd
Falling Leaves Richmond, VA Intermediate Short 5th
Falling Leaves Richmond, VA Intermediate Long 4th
Keystone Games York, PA Novice Ladies Long 3rd
Competitive Season 2007-2008
Competition Location
South Atlantic Regional Championship York, PA Intermediate Ladies First Round 2nd
South Atlantic Regional Championship York, PA Intermediate Ladies Final Round 11th
State Games of America Colorado Springs, CO Championship Intermediate Short 3rd
State Games of America Colorado Springs, CO Championship Intermediate Long Final 4th
Philadelphia Areas Ardmore, PA Intermediate Long  1st
Philadelphia Areas Ardmore, PA Intermediate Long Final Round 2nd
Mt. Lebanon Invitational  Mt. Lebanon, PA Intermediate Long and Short 1st
Diamond State Autumn Skate  Wilmington, DE Intermediate Long and Short 1st
Diamond State Autumn Skate  Wilmington, DE Intermediate Spins 1st
Competitive Season 2006-2007
Competition Location
 Keystone State Games  York PA Intermediate Short 1st
 Keystone State Games  York PA Juvenile Girls Long 1st
 Philadelphia Areas  Ardmore, PA Juvenile Freeskate 1st
 Philadelphia Areas  Ardmore, PA Final Round 2nd
Philadelphia Areas  Ardmore, PA Intermediate Short 3rd
 Morris Open  Morris, NJ Juvenile Freeskate 1st
 Skate Pittsburgh   Pittsburgh, PA  Juvenile Freeskate 2nd
 Skate Pittsburgh   Pittsburgh, PA  Intermediate Short 2nd
Diamond State Autumn Skate  Wilmington, DE Intermediate Short 3rd
South Atlantic Regional Championship Aston, PA Juvenile Girls Qualifying Round 1st
South Atlantic Regional Championship Aston, PA Juvenile Girls Final Round 10th

Tests Passed
Freestyle: Intermediate
Junior Moves in the Field

Intermediate Pairs
2 Pre-Gold Dance

To Learn More About Rebecca Please Visit Her Personal Website. Click Here

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