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Don ThureauDon (Synchro)

Don Thureau a "Creativeskater", for Sept./Oct. 2010
By: Elizabeth Hollett Shackett

Don Thureau has lived in Berlin, Havana and Miami but caught the skating bug in Delaware at the Skating Club of Wilmington (SCW). Don and his wife, Lani started Learn-to-Skate group classes in 1985 to help him recover from a knee blood clot caused by long distance work travel. 25 years later, Don is still skating for health and wellness and is actively involved in many volunteer roles at the Skating Club of Wilmington.

Don focuses most of this skating time in ice dance and basic skating skills like turns, edges, power and extension. He enjoys new challenges and beams with enthusiasm during each lesson. He skates before work and on the weekend, as he is a firm believer in keeping physically active. I have been coaching Don for about a year along with Courtney Richardson. Along with ice dance, Don is a member of Ice Age II, the adult synchronized skating team representing SCW at local and qualifying competitions.

Besides skating 4-5 days per week, Don has been serving on the Board of Directors at SCW for close to 14 years. Currently, he is the President of SCW Foundation and chairs the ice show committee where he is responsible for budgeting and giving club support to the show director. The club’s website is yet another volunteer position that belongs to Don. He has been the SCW Webmaster for the past 6 years. Among many other various committee duties, Don has once been the Club President too!

Off the ice, Don is the Sales & Marketing Manager for a local, privately owned business that imports and distributes pine chemicals. Prior to that, he worked various sales/marketing positions for the Dupont Company for 26+ years. Don is a graduate from the University of South Florida where he met his wife, Lani. She is a Speech & Language Pathologist at The Pilot School in Wilmington, DE. Their daughter, Christina, is a senior at Brandywine High School.

It is obvious that Don Thureau has a passion for figure skating as well as the club community that
administrates it. His personal involvement in the Skating Club of Wilmington is a testament to
how much joy the sport continues to bring him.

“Elizabeth has helped me regain my confidence in skating again. She has a wonderful teaching
quality about her that breaks down all the elements of skating down to the most basic of moves to help
correct and improve the techniques involved in figure skating. Figure skating looks a lot easier than
it is, so as long as she’s coaching and I’m physically capable of handling it, she’ll have a loyal
student in me hopefully for a long time to come!" Don Thureau

Don and ElizabethDon at the boards


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