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Anna Marie - April 2009
Anna Marie - Pancake Spin - April 2009Anna Marie & Elizabeth - April 2009

Anna Marie Seifert, a "Creativeskater", for May/June 2009
By: Elizabeth Hollett Shackett
Anna Marie Seifert started ice skating at the age of 4½ in Learn-to-Skate group classes. I have been her figure skating coach since her first day on the ice. I can still picture her grinning while doing the obstacle courses that I would draw on the ice for the Tot skaters. She would repeat the pattern over and over again with self-assurance and fascination and giggled when I would beg her to stop! Recreational skating was a short stint for Anna Marie as she swiftly skated through badge levels, won her first competition, and became a dedicated competitive figure skater.

To some of us, the word “competition” is somewhat taboo and carries a stigma of being ruthless and unforgiving. So, the fun of attaining new skills, achieving goals and personal bests drives the learning progression for all my skaters including Anna Marie. The personal and physical struggle of competition preparation lead to the healthy self-discovery from pushing your limits and in turn boosts self-esteem.  The cycle of success becomes endless this way, and Anna Marie is living proof! Now at age 10, she trains 4 days per week after school and one day per week in the early morning hours before class. I coach her in tandem with Mojca Kopac-Tiernan who works on her jump and spin technique. Anna Marie’s wide grin shines on regardless of the time of day, the dropping temperature of the rink or the crunch time of competition.

Anna Marie can tell you she has experienced the joy of triumph and the agony of defeat. Regardless, she holds fast that medals or bad performances do not define her value as a human being but rather; it is how she uses these experiences to shape her dignity and self-image.

This 4th-graders perseverance extends beyond the rink. She holds a Presidential Athletic certificate and Virtue of the Month Award for Hope from her school. She has also been nominated to attend the National Junior Leaders Conference this summer.

All in all, Anna Marie has grown up in figure skating learning valuable life lessons. So while the word “competition” may evoke negativity, it is competition that teaches Anna Marie Seifert about the ups and downs of life itself. All this and lots of smiling along the way.

Anna Marie’s upcoming events:
     May 2009:     May Day Open, Laurel, MD
     Oct. 2009:
    South Atlantic Regional Championships,                            Washington DC.

I have choreographed a variety of figure skating programs for her ranging from “Hakuna Matata,” “Jazz Machine,” “Cats,” to songs by Nuttin’ But Stringz, Barry Manilow, and Gloria Gaynor.

"My Coach" A Skater's Perspective
By: Anna Marie Seifert, age 10
I met Elizabeth in a little clinic when I was 4 and here I am, still with her at ten years old.
I love my coach. Elizabeth teaches me about skating very well, but also so many things
that you need to live in this world.  She is one of kind!

Anna Marie's Coach" A Parent's Perspective
By: Tim & Lisa Seifert,
Wow skating! It is a very beautiful sport, but little did we know how much truly goes into the
training.  Our little girl wanted to learn to skate ...so she did.  We met a wonderful lady named
Elizabeth and she was very attentive and patience with our little Anna Marie. As Anna Marie has
grown so has our relationship with Elizabeth.  She is always encouraging and full of praise to
Anna Marie, yet does expect Anna Marie to do her part.  She is there when we need her, but
doesn't sugar coat where we are at times.  I feel she has a great balance of work ethic expected
and some fun along the way.  She is able to read Anna Marie and knows when to push and when
to take an easy.  Elizabeth always listens to what we have to say as parents and responds timely
to our concerns or fears. Elizabeth has a plan for Anna Marie to reach her goals and we review it
many times over to adjust, as we need to.  I feel Elizabeth is serious about her commitment as a
coach and makes us feel like she always has Anna Marie's best interest in her heart.

Anna Maria: Keystone State Games 2009Anna Maria: Keystone State Games 2009

Competitive Season 2007-2008

Competition Location
Philadelphia Areas Ardmore, PA Pre-Juvenile Spins 1st
Philadelphia Areas Ardmore, PA Preliminary Freeskate 4th
Liberty Open Aston, PA Pre-Juvenile Freeskate 9th
Keystone Games York, PA Juvenile Freeskate 2nd
Keystone Games York, PA Juvenile Artistic 1st
Competitive Season 2006-2007
Competition Location
South Atlantic Regional Championship York, PA Preliminary Freeskate 7th
South Atlantic Regional Championship York, PA Pre-Juvenile Compulsory Moves 6th
Liberty Open Aston, PA Preliminary Compulsory Moves 3rd
Liberty Open Aston, PA Pre-Preliminary Freeskate 5th
Keystone Games York, PA Preliminary Group Showcase 1st
Keystone Games York, PA Pre-Preliminary Rest. Freeskate 1st
Competitive Season 2006-2007
Competition Location
Keystone Games York, PA No Test Group Showcase 1st
Keystone Games York, PA No Test Freeskate 1st
South Atlantic Regional Championship Aston, PA No Test Freeskate 5th

Tests Passed
Juvenile Moves in the Field
Juvenile Freeskating

Check It Out
Anna Marie Seifert has been included in a 2011 welcome promo video
from U.S. Figure Skating. She appears at approximately 0:30 wearing an orange dress.

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