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Katie: Freeskate
Katie: Podium

Katie Pavlick a "Creativeskater", for July/August 2011
By: Elizabeth Hollett Shackett

Creativeskater, Katie Pavlick likes the challenge of learning new skills. I met her when she was 9 years old when she first took to the ice in a Learn-to-Skate program. She was very consistent in attending classes and had a noticeable enthusiasm for skating. “I loved my Learn to Skate classes!” said Pavlick. Her eagerness to acquire new skills and passing badges quickly landed her into private lessons.

Katie is now 15 and skates five days per week working on moves in the field, freeskating and most recently, ice dance. She believes that her strengths on the ice are spinning, being creative in groups, using props and always having fun. “I like skating with props because it brings out more creativity in me,” said Pavlick. She just loves to be on the ice, so having fun is a natural strength for Katie.

Besides learning new things, she also loves competing and taking U.S. Figure Skating Tests. In competition, she likes the thrill of the pressure but admits to getting nervous at times. She also likes to see how she fares with the other competitors. As for taking U.S. Figure Skating tests, she feels that they’re less demanding and more easygoing than competing. Regardless, what keeps her skating is her persistence in mastering new skills whether it’s for competition or to pass the next proficiency test.

The newest skill set for Katie is ice dancing. I introduced her to it this past January, which has given her a whole new set of challenges and goals. She has passed four dance tests so far and has competed in local solo dance events. In fact, she entered the U.S. Figure Skating National Solo Dance Series. The series is an avenue for ice dancers at the standard levels to compete at and qualify for the National Solo Dance Championships held in Colorado Springs, CO in September. As of the beginning of July, she is ranked 2nd in her qualifying section and must stay in the top 6 to earn a trip to solo nationals.

It’s no coincidence that most of Katie’s favorite skaters are ice dancers. She admires the
expressiveness and work ethic of former champions Tanith Belbin and Benjamin Agosto, as well as
Kim Navarro and Brent BommentreHer favorite single skater is U.S. Ladies Champion “Alissa
Czisny because she has great musicality on the ice, is very graceful and flexible.”

Katie’s short-term goals are to land all her double jumps and to improve how she relates to music.
She also wants to place in Regional and National competitions. In the long run, she aspires to
to progress in all aspects of skating and is considering searching for a dance partner too.

I coach Katie along with Vincent Restencourt and Stuart Bradley. I have choreographed many
programs for her including music from the musical Hairspray, Cirque Du Soleil, Shakespeare
Love Soundtrack, Loreena McKennitt and many more.

Katies's Upcoming Events:
          July 2011:      Liberty Summer Competition, Aston, PA
          July 2011:      Novice Moves in the Field Test
          July 2011:      Skate Wilmington, Wilmington, DE
          Aug. 2011:     State Games of America, San Diego, CA
         Sept. 2011:     Fiesta Tango, Swing Dance and Intermediate Freeskate Tests
          Oct.. 2011:     South Atlantic Regionals, Aston, PA

A Parents Perspective
“Elizabeth is a perfect fit for our daughter, Katie.  Katie always looks forward to her lessons with
with excitement.  Elizabeth brings out the best in each of her skaters by accentuating the positive.
She is always "thinking outside the box" and using her skater's abilities to the greatest extent.
Her choreography is beautiful and matches her skater's personality.  Elizabeth is open to
suggestions from her skaters and works with them to incorporate their ideas into a program
especially tailored to the skater.  She is very supportive of her skaters and always encourages
 them to do their best but to also have fun at the same time!”.  Patty and Terry Pavlick

Katie: ShowcaseKatie: Landing

Competitive Season 2010-2011
Competition Location
Chesapeake Open Laurel, MD Pre-Bronze Solo Dance
Colonial Stars & Stripes Bristol, PA Intermediate Test Track
Colonial Stars & Stripes Bristol, PA Intermediate Showcase
May Day Open Laurel, MD Pre-Bronze Solo Dance
Keystone State Games York, PA Juvenile Showcase
South Atlantic Regionals Wake Forest, NC Showcase Level J
South Atlantic Regionals Wake Forest, NC Intermediate Test Track
Hershey Open Hershey, PA Intermediate Spins
Hershey Open Hershey, PA Juvenile Group Showcase
Competitive Season 2009-2010
Competition Location
Autumn Skate Wilmington, DE Intermediate Test Track
Chesapeake Open Laurel, MD Juvenile Spins
Chesapeake Open Laurel, MD Juvenile Artistic
Keystone Games York, PA Intermediate Test Track
Keystone Games York, PA Juv/Int Group Showcase

Tests Passed
Intermediate Moves in the Field
Juvenile Freeskate
Cha Cha

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